portrait by  remco merbis

portrait by remco merbis


kateland abbigail clarke

if you do it right, it will last forever. – massimo vignelli

i have a lot of passions in life; design, photography, travel, and the great outdoors. one thing that is resounding through all of them, and my general outlook on life, is the over ruling idea of less is more. i have a simple lifestyle that is based around quality not quantity. and it’s these ideals of mine that shine through in all of my creative endeavours.

over the past ten years, i have carved a reputation for a style lead by modernist aesthetics and a systematic approach. constantly striving to take things back to what is most important, stripping away the non-essential and letting the content shine through.

currently based in vancouver, bc, i am available for commissions, freelance work, and collaborations.
drop me an email at kateland@me.com, and lets grab a coffee to discuss your ideas.

instagram: @photosbykateland